Essex Laser Hair Removal

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Summer is just around the corner and it’s about time those gorilla legs saw some action am I right?

At Essex Laser Clinic we offer a professional and affordable hair removal process called IPL, which works by using short (I) intense (P) pulse (L) lights to target hair follicles. It heats them up and destroys the follicle, preventing further hair growth, it can also remove ingrown hairs.

This advanced technique provides:
• pain-free
• effective treatment
• For both men and women
• all skin types
• For any part of the body

There are many ways of Personal grooming which can sometimes feel like a chore. It takes up way too much time and doesn’t last as long such as a salon wax. Salon waxing generally only lasts 2 weeks before having to take another trip to the salon to sort out those prickly legs, waxing in the long run can be expensive and painful and often leaves a red rash (gross!). Waxing can also cause ingrown hairs as the hair can break under the skin which can cause inflammation. So using IPL laser hair removal can reduce the growth of hair in the first place and prevent ingrown hairs and not leave behind any nasty rashes (Phew!).

So why not leave it to someone else to make you hair free and beautiful? At Essex Laser Clinic it couldn’t be easier to feel confident and summer ready,

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