Our Laser LipoSculpture Technology

The Most Revolutionary Fat Busting and Non-Invasive Inch Loss System Ever Made


Laser Lipolysis or Liposculpture is a new, safe form of laser liposuction that can really change your body, almost instantly.

At Essex Laser Clinic we keep a close eye on all the latest developments in Liposculpture technology in order to invest in the very best equipment for our clients.

Our chosen partner is LipoSculpt UK (www.liposculptuk.com) whose commitment to product development and testing has resulted in the most innovative products available to the inch loss and fat reduction market.

Essex Laser Clinic’s LipoSculpt machine is the only 12 paddle dual frequency, non-invasive liposuction system in Europe:

  •  30% more effective than any other laser liposuction machine on the market
  • Shorter treatment times – more than one area of the body can be treated at a time
  • Approved by Harley Street Doctors

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