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Anti-wrinkle injections

What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles are creases or lines which occur in the skin. For the purposes of aesthetic medicine we divide them in to two categories; dynamic lines and static lines.

Dynamic lines: are caused by the pull of the muscles underlying the skin. These are commonly seen when someone frowns or smiles (or makes any facial expressions). Lines that appear or are accentuated by muscle movement are called dynamic lines.

Static lines: are present when the muscles of the face are relaxed. Long term dynamic lines can become static lines. Sun exposure, skin ageing, smoking can also cause static lines.

What can you expect from treatments?

Softening of fine lines

Improvement of facial symmetry

Lifting effects i.e brow lift

Onset of results

It takes some time for the effect to occur, usually people see it start after 48 hours; the maximum effect is reached by 14 days at which point you would be seen in a follow up clinic.

Duration of treatment

The duration of this treatment will depend on the area but one can expect up to 3 months between treatments.


What are fillers?

All fillers are designed to increase volume (fullness) in the area that they are injected into. Fillers can be divided into 3 categories, permanent, semi-permanent and non-permanent. MeJuvenate uses non-permanent fillers.

What can you expect from treatment?

Restoring volume and re-hydration of the area treated to create a “plumped” effect which help create a more refreshed look.

Can also be used to enhance existing features and improve definition.

Softening of fine/moderately deep lines; in cases where anti-wrinkle treatments are not enough

Onset of effect

Clients notice an instant effect after use of dermal fillers, however, over time the filler will attract water increasing the plumping effect. Full results once swelling has subsided and the filler has settled will be around 14 days. Again you would be seen in a follow up clinic to check on your progress.​

Duration of treatment

The duration of the effect depends on the area injected, the individual and the type of product used. Generally one can expect lips to last up to 6 months and cheeks to last up to 18 month

Medical treatments

Hyperhidrosis (Excess sweating)

Treatment can achieve a reduction in sweating of up to 95%.

Onset of effect

Usually clients notice the drastic reduction in sweating in the area treated within 48 hours, some have reported results as soon as the next day


Results last 3-4 months.

Bruxism (Excessive grinding of teeth)

Some people wake up with sore teeth or an aching jaw. This may be due to involuntary habitual grinding of teeth that typically happens at night. By treating some of the muscles involved this can be greatly reduced

Onset of effect

It usually takes up to 4 weeks for the effects to be noticed as it takes time for the Masseter (one of the muscles used for chewing) to weaken and thereby produce the desired effect


Results last 3-4 months

I always seek to give every client a professional, caring service, in comfortable surroundings at affordable prices. My clients know that they receive value for money and enjoy their treatments which mean they look forward to their sessions with me and are happy to recommend Essex Laser Clinic to their family and friends.

Amanda is committed to investing in the latest technology to guarantee the best results for her diverse client base…

I think laser technology is amazing! When it was first introduced in the UK, I was so impressed with the results that laser treatments achieved in inch loss and fat reduction, hair removal and skin care treatments that I decided to learn everything I could about using the technology. I then started my own business to give others the opportunity to experience these results for themselves.

The clinic has an informal atmosphere and is open 6 days a week. Flexible treatment times include evening appointments. Client confidentiality and discretion is paramount, as is client satisfaction.  All clients receive a free consultation to discuss their needs, lifestyle and individual expectations before a tailored programme of treatments is agreed.

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